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model: Dasychira | photo, edited: Guilherme Santos, Gallow Hill, 
Lee Bootee, Olivia Martens | interviewer: IRIKI (Radd Lounge)

数々のアーティスティックな作品を世に送り出しているニューヨーク拠点のアーティストDasychiraのcareworn×Dasychira(Radd Lounge exclusive)やxDreamのヴァイナルレコード、ぬいぐるみの発売に加え、  4月20日を新しい映像 "Eternal Family" の発表に伴い、インタビューを慣行! 音楽に対する想いや精神性を保つポジティブマインドを語ってくれた。


ー まずは音楽との出会い、自身が制作するきっかけなどを教えて下さい。
First of all, please tell us about your first encounter with music and what inspired you to create your own.

_ _ _

「That most likely occurred in the dimension of the psychic realm - which lies far beyond my own consciousness. The inverted world inspires me deeply. As far as I can remember though, my first encounter with music was when I heard Dvořák’s New World Symphony at an early age. That was the first album in my music collection, which led me to pursue classical piano. I’ve been playing and composing music for almost 19 years now.」

ー unseelie はあなたにとって、どのような存在ですか?
What does "unseelie" mean to you?

unseelie は精神的な遊び場であり、あらゆるアイデンティティの投影と同様に現実的なファンタジーの投影です。unseelieは、この意識を利用して、自己表現をあらゆる形に変えるための領域です。また、リリースやイベントを通して、現代の伝承を記録しています。」
_ _ _

unseelie is a spirit playground, and a projection of fantasy as real as any projection of identity. The act of “being” in itself is performative, therefore you are what you believe you are. unseelie is a domain to use this awareness to transform self-expression into any shape. It also chronicles the lore of a contemporary era through its releases and events.」

■ 「イチゴで絵を描く」ようなものだと考えています。

ー あなたは音楽家としての聴覚的な動きだけではなく、唯一無二な視覚的な世界観も魅力のひとつだと思うのですが、自身のブランディングでこだわりはありますか? (また実験音楽やアヴァンポップ(トイミュージック)への考え方も教えて下さい。)
You are not only a musician with an aural movement, but also a unique visual worldview. (Also, what are your thoughts on experimental music and avant-pop (toy music)?

_ _ _

「I often describe myself as a visual-thinking person. Before I decided to pursue music, I was interested in becoming a cartoonist and animator. Those impulses still exist in my musical work when I use sound to create the environment I see in my head. I like to think of it as “painting with strawberries” - an act of combining different senses and sensations through a vessel of synesthesia.」
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「If I had to categorize my music I would call it scribblecore, since it has such a strong emphasis on gestures and texture. The word “experimental” feels like a shell word to me, I don’t think it has any exact meaning because what is “normal” anymore? What speaks to me more is inventiveness, which has more to do with freeing oneself from being results oriented and focusing on the creative process itself. That’s why I think channeling one’s inner child allows an artistic freedom beyond what is defined.」
_ _ _

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「Writing music is similar to playing with toys since it’s a form of interaction powered by imagination. I love using toy sounds in my work - tiny grand pianos, music boxes, talking Halloween decorations, and arcade game samples are scattered throughout my catalogue.」

ー 今回、ぬいぐるみやフーディーと同時発売するデビューLP 「xDream」は S.A Mayer 制作によるアートワークですが、ピノキオやぬいぐ るみのキャラクターは、どのような意味合いで制作を依頼しましたか?
Your debut LP "xDream", which will be released at the same time as your stuffed animals and hoodies, features artwork created by S.A Mayer. What was the significance of the Pinocchio and stuffed animal characters you were asked to create?

「ピノキオ」の存在意義は、レコードが完成してから初めて気づかされました。それは、S.A.Mayer がxDreamの世界観を解釈したことが大きく関係しています。最初にデザインされたジャケットは、チェス盤にモンスターが不吉に巻きつけられているでした。」
_ _ _

「The significance of Pinocchio was only realized after the record was completed. That mostly had to do with S.A Mayer’s interpretation of the world of xDream. The first design for the cover was of a prototype Monstro sinisterly curled around a chess board.」

_ _ _

「Even though we both liked it, it was challenging to find a design that worked compositionally for the cover. S.A Mayer went through at least 12 different versions of it before they arrived at the final design of Pinocchio clutching a fluffy, chibi Monstro. When it was done, he suggested we create a line of Monstro plushies since he had recently designed a few for Happy99.」
_ _ _

「ピノキオは "木の中のささやき "を表しています。それは内なる良心であり、善悪を判断し、常に真実を語る頭の中の小さな声です。」
_ _ _

「Pinnochio represents “the whispers in the trees.” It is the internal conscience, that little voice in your head that tells you right from wrong and always speaks the truth.」

Dasychira ? xDream

ー FaltyDL 主宰のレーベル Blueberry Records からあなたは数々の作品を産み出しておりますが、あなたにとって Blueberry Records がどのような存在ですか?
You've produced a number of works for FaltyDL's label Blueberry Records, what does Blueberry Records mean to you?

Blueberryは私のホームレーベルです。私が常に信念を持ち、自分の最大の野望を実現するためのポジティブなモチベーションを見出すことができるプラットフォームなのです。FaltyDLとは2016年にブルックリンで出会い、ニューヨークの音楽界で自分の進むべき道を見つけ始めていた私を指導してくれました。彼はまた、このプロジェクトの開始直後に私を信じ、私の最初のリリースであるImmolated EP.に署名してくれました。Blueberryは、常に最も革新的なエレクトロニック・ミュージックを発表しています。彼らの契約の多くは、比較的新しい、あるいは無名のアーティストによるもので、最近の安全策をとる多くのレーベルよりもはるかに刺激的だと思います。」
_ _ _

Blueberry is my home label. It’s a platform I will always have faith in and find positive motivation to realize my greatest ambitions. I met FaltyDL in 2016 in Brooklyn, he mentored me as I was starting to find my way forward in the New York music community. He also believed in me right at the start of this project and signed my first release, the Immolated EP. Blueberry is constantly putting out some of the most innovative electronic music. A lot of their signings are from relatively new or unknown artists - which I find far more exciting than most labels playing it safe these days.」

Dasychira ? xDream (Deluxe Edition)
ー careworn とのコラボレーションフーディー制作秘話、Ericaとの関係性などを教えて下さい。
What is the story behind your collaboration hoodie with careworn, and what is your relationship with Erica?

「Stephen(S.A Mayer)が私たちを紹介してくれたのは、xDreamのアートワークとレコードのレイアウトを計画していたのと同時期でした。ジャケット制作中にStephenがEricaに連絡してきて、モンスターのTシャツを作らないかと誘われました。StephenがEricaの作ったものを見せてくれたとき、もっと作らなければならないと思いました。エリカは、目には本物のボタンを使い、体には異なる記念すべき生地を使った超レアなデザインのモンスターを喜んでデザインし、製作しました。彼らは信じられないほど才能のあるアーティストでありクチュリエでもあります。」
_ _ _

「Stephen (S.A Mayer) introduced us around the same time we were planning the artwork and vinyl layout for xDream. While working on the cover, Stephen had contacted Erica asking if they’d like to make a Monstro tee. When Stephen showed me what Erica had created I knew we had to make more. Erica was happy to design and craft super rare designs of Monstro that used real buttons for the eyes and different keepsake fabrics for the body. They are an incredibly talented artist and couturiere, I would encourage anyone to support their work and order clothes from them!」

■ 私たちは自分の表現を公にすることに夢中になりがちですが、自分のインスピレーションに基づいて何かを生み出す瞬間こそが本当の喜びであり、それ以外のものはすべて幻想に過ぎないということを忘れがちです。

ー あなたの哲学や、精神性を保つためのルーティン、思考などがあれば教えて下さい。
What are your philosophies, routines, thoughts, etc. that keep you spiritual?


_ _ _

「Meditation and animation are the first ones that come to mind. I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation since childhood, which has helped me develop a sharper focus of energy. Animation, (especially anything by Kōji Morimoto) expands my imagination and motivates me to explore the magic of the unknown masked by daily life. A balance of both keeps my aura in tune. To appreciate my own spirituality, I need to create a space of reflection. If it’s not at the studio or at home, it's around insects, trees, the ocean or any place with a flourishing natural lifeforce. We all tend to get so caught up in publicizing our expressions that it’s easy to forget that the moment of creating something that inspires you is the real joy - everything else is just an illusion.」
_ _ _


_ _ _

「I find it essential to explore my thoughts from all different angles as well, journaling my dreams, goals, questions and emotions. I often get swept up in the pace and excitement of things that I sometimes forget how I really feel. Writing brings me back to self-understanding and reminds me to keep looking forward and never turn back.」

■ 人々が自分の人生を最大限に生き、自分が植えた種が巨大な花を咲かせるのを忍耐強く見守っているときに作られる。

ー 今現在、COVID-19のパンデミックで、今までの生活スタイルが180度と変わりましたが、今後、音楽活動家はどのような動きをしていく必要があると思いますか? 私はこのようなディストピアな状況ほど新しいカルチャーが生まれると思っています。そこに対しても教えて下さい。
Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle 180 degrees, what do you think music activists need to do in the future? I believe that a dystopian situation like this is the best time to create a new culture. What can you tell us about that?


_ _ _

「The gap between artists that actually make a living from music and others who fight extra hard to hold onto their dreams has continued to grow. There needs to be a renaissance in the music industry that levels the playing field between commercial and independent artists. Every musician should feel valued for their artistic contributions. Streaming platforms should find ways to equally distribute revenue splits instead of favoring major labels and artists.」
_ _ _


_ _ _

「We need to help independent artists feel valued both financially and emotionally as well. If there’s an artist you haven’t heard from in a while, reach out and send a supportive message. Good energy will always make things better. This last year has been devastating on everyone, particularly anyone relying on touring and performing to make ends meet. And yet still, the expectation level of both listeners and corporations has been higher than ever for new content from musicians.」

_ _ _


_ _ _

「We should not hold people to the same standards of output as machines. Doing so will only result in more bland and uninspiring art to further dilute what we listen to, and create a toxic energy of doubt in the creative sphere. A culture of care should be cultivated, one that promotes people to be gentler with themselves and see their worth beyond their image. Afterall, I think that the true masterpieces of this world are crafted when people live their lives to the fullest extent, and stay patient in watching the seeds they plant grow into giant blossoming plants.」


ー 好きな本、食べ物、映画、動物、植物、一ヶ月に一回は必ず聴く音楽アーティストがいたら教えて下さい。
Do you have a favorite book, food, movie, animal, plant, or music artist that you listen to at least once a month?

「それらすべてが、私にとってはとても貴重なものなのです 今、私が読んでいるのは「Otherside Picnic」という小説シリーズです。Yikiiさんに勧められて読んでいるのですが、文字通りこの世のものとは思えないほどの面白さです。私はいつも、美味しいたこ焼きを食べながら、犬と一緒に過ごし、蘭の花に水をやり、ケン・イシイのアルバム『Jelly Tones』を聴いています。」

_ _ _

「All of those things are so precious to me! At the moment I’m reading the Otherside Picnic novel series. Yikii recommended it to me and it’s literally out of this world. I always enjoy a tasty portion of Takoyaki, hanging out with my dogs, watering orchids and listening to Ken Ishii’s album Jelly Tones.」

ー 今回の映像についてどういったコンセプトかを教えて下さい。
And, if possible, please tell us about the concept behind your new video.

「"Eternal Family "という曲のためのものです。今度の4月20日(火)にリリースするのですが、昨年のロックダウンスタート時に住んでいたロサンゼルスにて書いたものです。ハリウッドに隔離されていた時に、チャーリー・グラント(ラナ・デル・レイやグレイヴの監督)と知り合い、友人のギルヘルム・サントス(Swirlの監督)と一緒にミュージックビデオを制作しました。この作品は、神秘的な儀式で自分たちの運命を封印し、永遠に一緒にいたいと願う4人のYoutuberの物語です。」

_ _ _

「It’s for a song of mine called “Eternal Family.” I’m releasing it this coming Tuesday (4/20) and I wrote it while I was living in Los Angeles last year at the start of lockdown. While I was quarantining in Hollywood I befriended Charlie Grant (director of Lana Del Rey, Glaive), and eventually we began working together along with my friend Guilherme Santos (who directed Swirl) to create the music video. It tells the story of four Youtubers who wish to seal their fate with a mysterious ritual and be together forever.」

ー 最後に、インタビュー有り難う御座いました。日本のファンに何か一言お願いします!
Lastly, thank you very much for the interview. Please give some words to your fans in Japan!

いつも光に向かって自分を信じて<333 またすぐに日本に行く事が待ち遠しいです!」

_ _ _

「Thank you for joining me on this cosmic journey into the unknown! Always follow the light and trust yourself <333 I can’t wait to be back in Japan again soon!」


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